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Sagona Europe Equity SCSp

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Sagona Europe Equity SCSp is a venture capital fund that has been recently launched in Luxembourg to implement an alternative innovation funding solution dedicated to European technology startups and SMEs at seed and early stage and benefits from new organizational approach based on the expertise on investment advisory and management of its general partner, Sagona Consulting (Luxembourg) Sarl-S, founded and managed by Didier Dippe. Sagona Consulting is registered as AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) with Luxembourg's financial regulator, CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier).

Sagona Consulting (Luxembourg) Sarl-S concentrates now on developing long-term relationships with any players that bring value to startups and tech companies based on mutual understanding, interest and benefit. Didier Dippe has been working on creating a hub designed to help tech companies increase opportunities finding new markets and ensuring a soft landing in Europe and the United States. So Didier Dippe and his team are open to discuss these matters with potential partners. So let's connect to each other and to improve our impact on this new technological turn.