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    SAGONA EUROPE EQUITY SCSp is a venture capital fund providing investment advisory and management services to private equity and venture capital funds and any registered investment companies leading to invest in seed and early-stage companies (Series A & B) worldwide involved in innovation, medical and green technologies and impact venture projects. Sagona Capital with the support of its limited partners and stakeholders is aimed to provide services and sustainable financing for bold entrepreneurs and companies that will significantly impact our society, people and environment with their innovative concepts.


    Sagona Capital's team is composed by seasoned people who have been entrepreneurs and executives with a proven and successful track record in sales, business development and management. Their knowledge, expertise and insights are determining factors in the success of highly successful venture.

  • Sagona Capital and its partners are dedicated to invest in promising tech companies that can signicantly impact people's lives, society or the environment. This is reflected in the choice of industries we selected e.g. medical and clean technologies and information technology that is one of the most common thread in any business development and industry. Based on our statement, Sagona Capital is pooling strengths to form a purpose-driven portfolio: Impact Venture to have a positive and measurable impact on our environment.

  • Sagona Capital focuses on bold entrepreneurs, men and women that build the future through technology. As our team is composed by people who have been entrepreneurs and executives, we better understand our needs, expectations and concerns of our clients. We aim to connect them with investors, executives, industry experts in a network we have built for many years. We use it as part of our commitment to help companies grow their business and penetrate new markets.

  • Our Services

    Sagona Capital provides investment advisory and management services leading to seed and Series A financing to entrepreneurs and companies involved in innovation, medtech, greentech and impact venture projects. This financing can be implemented through equity, debt, convertible bond depending on the development stage of the company and its business model. Sagona Capital will provide follow-on investments into its targeted companies up to series B


    Sagona Capital also provides entrepreneurs and companies with assistance and support in their development e.g. technical assistance by industry experts and advisors, network share or new international markets penetration through Sagona Capital's business bridge between Europe and the United States.


  • Corporate responsibility policy

    Since 2016 Sagona Capital, Inc. has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

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