• Sagona Europe Equity SCSp

    Luxembourg-based venture Capital Fund providing European technology startups and SMEs with alternative innovation funding solutions and approaches

  • About us

    Sagona Europe Equity SCSp is a newly launched venture capital fund based in Luxembourg and formed a special limited partnership that invests in seed and early-stage tech companies based in Europe in various industries and verticals such as Innovation (AI, nanotechnologies, blockchain, SaaS, new media and communication), Medtech (medical devices, healthcare IT, nanobiotechnology, robotics), Cleantech (smart cities, used water treatment and waste management) and Greentech (smart farming, renewable energy and climate solutions) and Impact Venture.


    Sagona Europe Equity SCSp is managed by newly formed Luxembourg-based investment consulting firm, Sagona Consulting (Luxembourg) Sarl-S, acting as general partner and AIFM, whose team is composed by seasoned people based in Europe who have been entrepreneurs and executives with a proven and successful track record in sales, business development and management. Their knowledge, expertise and insights are determining factors in the success of our venture in Europe.


    Here is the presentation of the fund: Sagona Europe Equity SCSp

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    Sagona Europe Equity SCSp brings more than just capital. We act as a true value-added investor and support companies in achieving value-creating milestones. Through our extended network and our USA-Europe bridge partnering with US venture capital firm, Sagona Capital, Inc., that intends to ensure a soft landing to our companies, we work closely with them by providing operational, regulatory, commercial, administrative and clinical expertise driven by the support of key opinion leaders in the scientific communities.


    Our mission is also supported by a dedicated team of advisors who have access to a broad network within academic, finance and various industris providing insight and guidance to companies. We take an active role in the business development of our companies.