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  • Sagona Consulting (Luxembourg) Sarl-S

    Sagona Consulting (Luxembourg) Sarl-S is an investment consulting firm based in Luxembourg and founded in 2020 by Didier Dippe. Sagona Consulting focuses on crafting custom-designed investment strategies for investment firms to meet their risk tolerance, expected returns on investments, time horizons and overall objectives within a combination of income and growth-oriented investments. Sagona Consulting is registered with the CSSF in accordance with Article 3(3) of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act of 12 July 2013.


    Our team is composed by seasoned experts who have been entrepreneurs and executives with a proven expertise, knowledge and insights in their key area and more specifically in private equity and venture capital. We provide our clients with investment advices on different investments such as open & closed-end funds, convertible and preferred securities issued by seed and early-stage companies and management consulting services.